Catalogue of the marine life of the Canary Islands.
Determination of marine life.
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Onderwaterfauna / Underwater fauna
Last update: 15-10-2019
This website is intended for sport divers and snorkellers, in their understanding of the underwater flora and fauna. Species images are depicted and names are given in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. As sport diver and photographer/videographer, it took me a lot of time to read through all the books to find out what I had photographed or filmed. With this website I hope to provide a tool for myself and others to quickly see what is seen underwater. This website will be updated regularly with new items or Wikipedia links, when available. This website has no commercial purpose, and will not be used to generate income through ads. This website is fully in English. This website is based on the books of Sergio Hanquet, but set up with images and text from other sources. The images are from the open web. Source example: (Latin name) images. The webmaster claims no rights to these images, text or content. For this website Wikipedia is used as a primary source, the articles are traceable through a link of the Latin name of the species, if available. 
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